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Zettler Magnetics Encapsulated Power Transformer used in a Central Vacuum System Application

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Application Spotlight May 2017

app-may-1A leading designer and manufacturer of central vacuum systems in the residential and commercial market required a low frequency power transformer that offers good heat dissipation, in a compact size, with a UL class II rating. The application also required protection from dust and lint which could present a fire hazard.

ZETTLER Magnetics' 1VA BV series encapsulated transformer was ideally suited for this application, meeting all of the above requirements with the added bonus of costing less than an equivalent laminated transformer.

The BV series’ epoxy encapsulation provides superior isolation and heat dissipation. With small physical dimensions, yet still meeting UL’s stringent class II standards, this transformer is suitable for a wide range of industrial control applications.

app-may-2ZETTLER Magnetics’ BV series is available in 115V or 230V inputs and from 0.35VA to 10VA.

ZETTLER Magnetics builds the BV series on fully automated production lines which ensure consistent quality at a very competitive price.

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