BV Series – Encapsulated Power Transformers

BV Series - Encapsulated Power Transformers

A series of cost effective, Class 2 recognized encapsulated power transformers – suited for applications in LED Lighting, Electric Metering, Motor Controls, Thermostats and other similar fields.

Key Benefits
  • Less expensive than traditional open frame design.
  • Significant reduction in physical footprint compared to traditional open frame formats.
  • Superior thermal characteristics that make them run up to 5°C cooler in continuous duty, and up to 40°C cooler in surge testing than previous generations, due to ultra-high winding efficiency and vacuum-sealed epoxy processes.
  • Can be modified to withstand 14kV surge.
  • Provide minimized EMI noise without the added cost of a shield, as a result of proprietary assembly methods employed at Zettler Magnetics China wholly owned manufacturing facilities.
  • Key Features
  • Input 115V OR 230V / Single and Dual Output
  • Dielectric Strength 4200Vrms
  • Inherently Energy Limited
  • Conforms to EN 61558 AND EN 60950
  • 100% Production Tested
  • Standard Configurations (Custom designs up to 30VA available on request)
    EE20 Mini Series
    VA UL Rating Height Datasheet
    0.35VA UL class 2/3 16.0mm EE20_35
    0.5VA UL class 2/3 19.5mm EE20_05
    0.6VA UL class 2/3 19.5mm EE20_06
    EI30 Series
    VA UL Rating Height Datasheet
    0.6VA UL Class 2/3 15.7mm EI30_06
    1.0VA UL Class 2/3 22.3mm EI30_1
    1.2VA UL General Purpose 22.3mm EI30_12
    1.5VA UL Class 2/3 22.3mm “A” EI30_15A
    1.5VA UL Class 2 24.4mm EI30_15
    1.7VA UL General Purpose 24.4mm EI30_17
    1.8VA UL General Purpose 24.4mm EI30_18
    2.0VA UL Class 2/3 27.4mm EI30_2
    2.3VA UL Class 2/3 29.8mm EI30_23
    2.4VA UL General Purpose 27.4mm EI30_24
    2.8VA UL General Purpose 29.8mm EI30_28
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